Consumers want to be able to obtain a certain amount of information about a company before they decide that they are going to give them their business. They are going to do their due diligence to find the right company to work with. It is a big decision to figure out where you want to spend your hard-earned money. One of the things that a lot more New Yorkers are doing these days is betting on sports. These sports betting sites have their own individual qualities. NY Bettors need to do their research and figure out who has the best sports betting site for them.

What Qualities Are Important To You?

Before you choose a NY sports betting site to bet with, you want to establish what qualities are important for you and the betting experience that you are looking for. All sports betting sites are not going to be able to be all things for every bettor. You need to figure out what it is that you are looking for before you are going to be able to find the NY Sportsbook that is right for you.

Do you want a site that specializes in beginning bettors and offers a way for them to learn how to make successful bets? Are you looking for a site that offers a wide range of different betting options like prop bets or parlays? Are bonus offers for first time or consistent deposits important to you? You should also figure out the form of making deposits and withdrawing money works best for you.

Understanding How They Operate

When you are looking for sports betting sites, you want to understand the way that they operate. You should look into how fast the different sites payout and if they have a good track record with their current customers on those payouts. As a prospective bettor, you also want to make sure that the site that you are considering is competitively priced in comparison with the other sites that are out there. Different sites post at different times and you want to find a site who posts at a time that is best for you. You also want the site to be able to supply you with all the information that you need to make a bet. A prospective bettor wants to get a thorough understanding of how a site works before any money is put into play.

Customer Service Always Matters

At the end of the day, running a business that leaves its customers satisfied is part of the equation for a successful business. When you are looking for a great betting site, customer service is definitely an important part of the equation. You will want to make sure that they have a physical address for their business and telephone number that you are able to call. A section for frequently asked questions (FAQs) is also an important part of good customer service on the internet. It is important because it is a section where customers will be able to easily access the answer to many of their questions.

Social media is another important part of the customer service of these websites. Facebook and Twitter presences for these sites are ways for their customers to establish a line of communication. Prospective bettors can follow and like their social media pages as a way to monitor how quickly they answer questions for their current customers and how active they are in these areas. The more active they are, the more in touch with their customer base they are. It is also a way for them to communicate specials and deals that they have going on for their customers as well.

Our website offers reviews on various sportsbooks so that bettors who are doing their research have a great place to start when they are doing their research. We couple our knowledge of the industry with the information offered on the sites to create a list of the best online sportsbooks. It is a place where seasoned betting pros or brand-new bettors can kick off their search for a new site to bet with. Bettors can trust our reviews because our site was made for the bettor and created to help them determine the best site based on all the different things that they are going to be looking for.

Every bettor who decides to go online to do business with an online sportsbook is looking for something different. There are going to be things that they are going to want in an online sportsbook and bettors need to take the time to find the one that gives them what they are looking for. In order to suit every bettor, there are a diverse array of sites to accommodate the needs and wants of every type of bettor. Before a bettor makes their first deposit on a site, they need to do their research in order to find the sportsbook that is going to be the best fit for them.

There are a number of ways to gather the information that a bettor needs to find the right online sportsbook for their betting needs. One resource is sports information sites like BangTheBook. Our site provides information about the numerous sportsbook companies and their history within the industry. Our site also shows the pricing for comparison of the sites, betting lines, points spreads, and when the sportsbooks do their postings. Other very important resources are online reviews and social media for the sportsbook sites.

Sportsbook Reputation

At the beginning of a bettor’s search, one of the things that they are going to want to establish is an overall reputation and image of an online sportsbook. One of the ways that they can do that is to determine how legitimate the website actually is. One of the ways in which to do that is to make sure that there is a physical address aside from the URL. Although the sportsbook is located online, they should still have a physical address, telephone number, and possibly an FAQ page on their site. Just because a bettor is not going to Vegas or Atlantic City doesn’t mean that the website is going to be the only address that the business has.

NY Sportsbook Reviews

Any good consumer is going to look for reviews of a company before they make the decision to spend their hard-earned money. This is the case with online sportsbooks as well. Reviews are a great way to get inside information about an online sportsbook without ever having to spend a penny. Their customers are going to discuss a lot of information about the website that prospective bettors are going to want to know. The reviews will reveal things like, various deposit options, deposit bonuses, various betting options, customers service, and the difficulty or ease of the payout process. The reviews will give prospective bettors an overall idea of how a site conducts their business.

Social Media

When most people think of social media, they think of it as a way for people to connect. It is also a place where companies can do business. Reputable companies create a presence on social media pages such as Facebook or Twitter. Not only are these pages a great marketing tool, but they are also ways for the sportsbooks to interact and communicate with their customers. They are able to communicate with their bettors and prospective bettors in order to answer any questions they may have or deal with any issues. Prospective bettors can also utilize these pages in order to observe the way in which a particular sportsbook does business. Their responsiveness on social media is a great way to judge their customer service.

Do you love sports betting? Then you know that it’s more popular today more than ever. Most countries, including the USA, have made it legal to bet on your favorite sport.

Did you know in 2020, the global sports betting industry had a market size of 203 billion dollars?

The excitement alone that comes with watching a game cannot be explained. It gets more fun when you place a bet, and the thrill that comes with knowing you have money on the line goes a notch higher.

When starting on sports betting, some terms can be confusing. You may have difficulty understanding that there are different sports bets. Read on to learn more about this exciting activity.

Money Line Bets

A money line bet is easy to understand, and it involves two teams. First, you place a bet on your favorite team. If it wins, you win.

In a money line bet, also known as a “win bet,” you choose the person or team to place a win bet on.

Let’s say the Kansas City Chiefs are playing the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday night, and you choose the Raiders as your winning team. If Raiders win, you win, and if the Chiefs win, you lose your bet.

Point Spread

Here, you place your wager on the margin of victory. Unlike the money line, where the spreads are in dollars, the point spread is represented in numbers.

A minus represents the favorite, while plus represents the underdog. The favorite wins with more points, and the underdog can lose within the number or win the game.

Let’s say Team C is playing team D. Team A has -7.5 points spread, and B has +7.5 points spread.

Team A (Favourite) will need 8 points or more to win the game. For Team B (underdog) to win, it must lose the game with 1-6 points or win entirely.

Over/Under Totals

In the over/under or total bet, the sportsbook will predict a number, then the final score of both teams is combined. 

If the total number is under the set number and you had placed a wager on the under, you win.

For example, the Green Bay Packers are playing the Arizona Cardinals, and the point total is 55. If the final scores for the Packers were 27 and Cardinals 15, their combined total is 42.

The combined total is below the point total. This means if you had placed a wager on under, you win your bet.


Parlay bet (accumulator) accumulates wagers and makes them one bet. The winnings from each wager are combined with the wager in the next leg. Each individual bet must win in the parlay to become a winner.

If you lose one bet in a three-leg parlay, you lose the entire wager. The beauty of a parlay is that a bettor can risk a small amount of money and gain a considerable sum from the parlay.


In a teaser bet, the bettor can combine a minimum of two games and shift the lines. Then a bettor teases the lines by adjusting the line with six points. Teasing will lower the return on the bets. 

Teaser bet is used in football and baseball only. The amount that a bettor teases can be six in football and four in basketball.

Example, Baltimore Ravens(-7.5) and Chicago Bears(+1.5).If you are not comfortable with the spreads, you can tease them by adding six points. They’ll look like this after the teaser: Ravens(-1.5) and bears (+7.5)

Prop Bets

Proposition bet, also referred to as novelty bet, does not require the final scores. Instead, you bet depending on what happens or does not happen. 

Prop bet relies on chance. This is like predicting who will do what first. In game prep, you bet on what will happen in the game, like which team will score first or have the most goals before halftime. 

Player prop will predict things about a player, like who will score the first points.

Futures Bets

These are bets on future outcomes of gaming events. The games can be due in a week or even months.

For example, when betting on a team to win the championship or betting on a player to receive an award. Future bets are placed before the season starts, and a bettor will receive his wins after the season ends.

Live Betting

In live betting, also in-play betting, a bettor can edit a wager after the game starts. Live betting is more fun since you can bet based on a team’s performance.

A bettor enjoys making a live wager since they can match their bets with the proceedings of the game. For example, you can bet based on halftime scores, missed goals, or several penalties.

Bottom Line

Since betting is for fun, make sure you choose the best betting type that will give you the enjoyment you deserve.

Wager on a game you enjoy and are confident in your ability to predict the player’s performance.