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Betting on the New York Mets is now possible at nine different online sportsbooks. Now you can bet on the Mets, Yankees or any team all season long. Below you’ll find everything from the top NY Mets betting sites, gameday odds, picks, previews and updated stats!

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Baseball fans are thrilled that the 2022 MLB season will happen. With a potential work stoppage averted, teams are preparing to commence the regular season on April 1st. With the start date being April Fool’s Day, we can expect to see our fair share of shenanigans on opening night. We will also likely see a lot of New Yorkers laying down bets at New York’s newly-launched online sportsbooks.

One team that is sure to generate plenty of wagering action is the New York Mets. For those who are just awaking from their winter hibernation, the Mets enter the season with the highest payroll in the league having committed over $235 million. Perhaps their biggest offseason move was landing free agent chucker Max Scherzer. Along with Jacob deGrom, we could be looking at one of the most potent 1-2 punches in the league.

As is the case with a lot of big spenders in professional sports, the New York Mets enter the 2022 season with high expectations. With a week to go before their season opener in Washington, the Mets are listed at +1100 to win the World Series. That ties them with the Houston Astros as the second-biggest favorites behind only the loaded Los Angeles Dodgers who are currently sitting at +600 to win it all. However, a few other teams are getting the respect of BetMGM bookmakers. These include:

  • Chicago White Sox     +1200
  • New York Yankees     +1200
  • Toronto Blue Jays       +1200
  • Atlanta Braves            +1300
  • Tampa Bay Rays         +1500

By no means are we suggesting that it’s a good idea to bet on the Mets to win the World Series. On the flip side, we don’t think it’s such a bad idea either. The one great thing about futures wagers is that they aren’t difficult to hedge if things go sideways. With so many betting options available at New York online sportsbooks, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to bail out if the S.S. Mets strays off course and crashes into an iceberg.

For those who have lost track, the Mets last claimed the World Series title back in 1986. They have since reached the big dance twice, losing 4-1 to the Yankees in 2000 and then 4-1 to Kansas City in 2015.

Like betting on the World Series winner, wagering on the National League winner is something you can do throughout the course of the season. Odds rise and fall almost every day as teams progress through their schedules.

As it stands, the Mets once again play second fiddle to the Los Angeles Dodgers in terms of the National League Winner odds. Let’s take a look at Caesars NY top 5 contenders to represent the National League in the World Series.

  • Los Angeles Dodgers +350
  • New York Mets          +575
  • Atlanta Braves            +700
  • Milwaukee Brewers    +800
  • San Diego Padres        +800

The Mets have appeared in 4 NLCSs since 1999. They swept the Chicago Cubs in their last appearance in 2015.

Finally! The Mets find themselves the favorite in a category thanks to the fact that those pesky Dodgers play in the National League West. With that said, they aren’t what you’d call an overwhelming favorite. The Atlanta Braves are running neck-and-neck with the Mets in terms of FanDuels odds to win the division.

  • New York Mets          +240
  • Atlanta Braves            +245
  • Philadelphia Phillies    +550
  • Miami Marlins            +1300
  • Washington Nationals +4100

As an aside, the Mets have failed to sniff the postseason over their last 5 campaigns. Since 2000, they have finished first in the National League East just two times. A 97-win season did it for them in 2006 while 90 wins did the trick in 2015. Both of those runs ended in heartache. Well, that’s assuming you are a Mets fan.

Another fun and potentially profitable way to bet on the New York Mets is to wager on their season wins totals. New York online sportsbooks have the Mets’ win total set at 90.5. So, if you take the Over, you’ll need the Mets to rack up 91 or more wins. If you take the Under, New York must win 90 or fewer games. This is an interesting total considering how the N.L. East is so highly competitive and the Mets are coming off a 77-85 record in 2021.

Like the aforementioned futures wagering opportunities, New York sports bettors can place bets on win totals throughout the 2022 season. The projected win totals will fluctuate giving bettors the opportunity to hedge, double down, or simply get into the win totals action. Other significant DraftKings win totals include:

  • Los Angeles Dodgers 96.5 Wins
  • Houston Astros           92.5 Wins
  • New York Yankees     92.5 Wins
  • Toronto Blue Jays       91.5 Wins
  • Atlanta Braves            90.5 Wins

If you don’t have a lot of faith in New York’s ability to meet expectations, you can always plunk money down on your favorite Mets players to reach a variety of benchmarks. For instance, you can always wager on the Over/Under on the number of dingers Francisco Lindor hits. That total is currently hovering around the 27.5 mark at New York online sportsbooks. Do you think Lindor has a shot at amassing over 141.5 hits? Well, why not put a few bucks on it? Then there is Mets first-baseman Pete Alonzo who sportsbooks project to produce 111.5 RBIs.

Those who simply want to wager on their favorite Mets player to lead a specific category can do that too. The aforementioned Pete Alonzo should be in the mix for MLB’s home-run leader in 2022. He is listed at +1100 second only to Vlad Guerrero Jr. who enters the season at around +800.  Other notables include:

  • Joey Gallo       +1400
  • Aaron Judge    +1400
  • Matt Olson      +1400
  • Shohei Ohtani +1400
  • Mike Trout      +1500

In addition to batting prowess, the New York Mets possess a great deal of speed. He might be aging, but the newly-acquired Starling Marte will provide the Mets with plenty of speed. Despite missing a few games last year, the 32-year-old outfielder swiped 47 bases. That was the most in the league. It might be worth taking him to claim the stolen base title this year at +600. Other forerunners include:

  • Adalberto Mondesi     +350
  • Whit Merrifield           +6.00
  • Ronald Acuna Jr.        +700
  • Trea Turner                 +800
  • Cedric Mullins            +10000

Think of all the betting opportunities the Mets will generate throughout the 2022 regular season. With 162 games on the schedule, New York sports bettors will have countless live and pre-match betting options to choose from. This makes it a lot easier to find those prime opportunities.

New York bookmakers don’t limit bettors to full-time results. With the likes of Scherzer and deGrom taking the hill, Mets fans will most certainly be exploiting those juicy 5-inning lines. Of course, bettors aren’t limited to sides and totals either. While those wager types are immensely popular, the best NY online sportsbooks also serve up a feast of interesting propositions like run lines which are essentially a 1.5-run spread.

You can place live and pre-match wagers on such things as whether the Mets will hit a homerun in a given game, whether a game will go into extra innings, the number of strikeouts a pitcher will notch, or the number of hits Robinson Cano will record in a game. The possibilities are nearly endless.

The first step toward immersing yourself in the ultimate MLB betting experience is opening an account. You can open an account at one New York sportsbook or sign up at all of them. There are some fabulously generous welcome offers and promotions available to the New York sports betting community. There is plenty of bonus cash, free bets, and risk-free bets up for grabs.

The easiest way to sign up is by downloading your favorite New York betting app. You can then launch it and complete the site’s registration form. Once your account is activated, you can fund your betting account using a variety of instant and secure payment options. Don’t forget to claim your bonus!! Now that you have money in your sportsbook account, it’s time to dive into the betting action.

Each Mets game will present New York sports bettors with a plethora of wagers to choose from. Upon finding the wager you want to make, simply tap on it to add it to your betslip. You can then enter the stake amount, submit the wager, and enjoy the game. You can also create custom parlays or combos by adding more selections to the betslip.

One of the great things about New York online sports betting sites is that they offer a wide range of regular promotions. For example, you might be able to take advantage of enhanced odds. If the Mets are listed as -120 favorites, you might be able to get them at even money by partaking in an enhanced odds offer. Cash Out is one of the most popular standard options at NY sportsbooks. With Cash Out, you can close your bet before the game ends. This guarantees a payout and eliminates the possibility of losing the wager because some oilcan makes a relief appearance and blows it.

While the betting menus at NY mobile betting apps are very comprehensive, you might not see the wager you want to make listed on it. Some bookies give you the option to propose a wager. You can also participate in money-back specials. For instance, if your team goes up by two runs and then loses the game, you might be able to get your money back as a free bet. Speaking of free bets, there are loads of ways to earn them.

Perhaps the most helpful and entertaining feature at New York mobile sportsbooks is live streaming. This lets you watch the live action while you’re on the go. This is particularly useful to live bettors who want to know exactly what’s going on before they place their bets.

We want you to make the most out of your New York Mets betting experience. As such, we’re going to go over a few helpful tips to make your betting adventure more fun and, hopefully, more profitable.

  • Make sure you know the lineup: It is crucial that you know who’s in and who’s out before you place a wager. This is particularly true when it comes to starting pitchers. Baseball might be a team sport, but few team sports have such a heavy focus on individual players.
  • Compare Odds: One major advantage that New York sports bettors have is that they can shop around for the best odds. It isn’t easy to scratch out a profit betting on baseball. Bettors need to make the most out of every win and use every means of minimizing potential losses. On the surface, the difference between -110 and -105 doesn’t seem like much, but it can really add up over the course of an MLB season.
  • Don’t Be Afraid of Betting on Underdogs: Baseball is rather unique in that underdogs prosper at a relatively high rate. Even the best teams lose about one in three games while the worst teams often win one of three. In 2021, the Giants posted the best record in MLB finishing at 107-55 while the Orioles and Diamondback tied for the worst record at 52-110. Since 2000, only three teams have finished the year with fewer than 50 wins.
  • Bankroll Management: Every sports bettor goes through cold streaks. They can be very demoralizing. They can also tempt bettors to do irresponsible and potentially harmful things like chasing losses and recklessly increasing stake amounts. Managing your bankroll responsibly allows you to endure and bounce back from losing streaks. It also ensures that your bankroll survives to fight another day.
  • Take Advantage of Bonuses and Promotions: We should preface this by telling you that not all bonuses and promotions are good deals. However, NY online sportsbooks offer some real gems. There are thousands of dollars worth of bonus cash, free bets, and risk-free bets to be had. These give you the ability to boost your bottom line and come out ahead at the end of the MLB season.
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