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Brooklyn Nets Futures for the 2022-23 Season

Well, here we are!! Yet another year of Nets basketball. After not living up to the hype that surrounded them last season, Nets fans are praying that their team can buck the trend of underachieving and pull off the unthinkable; a trip to the Eastern Conference Finals. Wait! We mean a trip to the NBA Finals. Hold on!! We mean capturing the franchise’s first-ever NBA championship. Yeah. That’s the one!!

After finishing second place in the east with an impressive 48 wins in 2020-21, the Nets regressed in 2021-22. Even though they recorded 44 wins and barely scraped their way into the postseason, they were quickly dispatched by the Boston Celtics in a first-round sweep. This totally fits the team’s MO. 

Since relocating to Brooklyn a decade ago, the Nets have earned a playoff spot seven times. All but two of those runs were snuffed out in the opening round. The other two campaigns ended in the second round. It’s been pretty grim since they made back-to-back appearances in the finals in 2002 and 2003. Of course, they lost both times.

But, this is a new season and that comes with renewed hope. While the fanbase has lofty expectations for their team, let’s take a look at how the bookmakers think the Nets will fare this year.

Odds to Win the NBA Title: +700

Well, as optimistic Nets fans say: The 47th time’s a charm. Bookmakers, on the other hand, don’t seem to be as confident. Most NBA bookmakers opened Brooklyn’s odds of winning the Larry O’Brien Trophy at about +600. As we get within a couple of weeks of the regular season, most bookies have them listed at +700 or higher. 

Of course, a lot of this can be attributed to the fact that the Eastern Conference is steeped in talent. Boston, Milwaukee, Philly, and Miami are all poised to provide plenty of competition. We should also consider that the Nets simply don’t have a history of performing well at crunch time. Still, if the Nets have ever had a legitimate chance of glory, this is as good a year as any. Here are the odds to win the NBA title in 2023.

Golden State Warriors+600New Orleans Pelicans+4000
Boston Celtics+650Atlanta Hawks+4500
Milwaukee Bucks+650Chicago Bulls+6000
L.A. Clippers+700Portland Trailblazers+8000
Brooklyn Nets+700N.Y. Knicks+10000
Phoenix Suns+900Charlotte Hornets+15000
L.A. Lakers+1200Detroit Pistons+25000
Miami Heat+1400Utah Jazz+25000
Philadelphia 76ers+1400Washington Wizards+30000
Denver Nuggets+1700Indiana Pacers+30000
Dallas Mavericks+2000Sacramento Kings+40000
Memphis Grizzlies+2200San Antonio Spurs+40000
Toronto Raptors+2800Houston Rockets+50000
Minnesota Timberwolves+3300Orlando Magic+50000
Cleveland Cavaliers+3300Oklahoma City Thunder+50000

Odds to Win the Eastern Conference: +333

They aren’t the forerunners, but the Brooklyn Nets are certainly garnering an awful lot of respect from bookmakers who currently have them listed at +333 to win the Eastern Conference. That ranks them as the third-biggest favorite in the category behind Boston and Milwaukee who are +275 and +300 respectively. It seems that quite a few NBA futures bettors have taken the bait as the Nets’ opening odds of +650 have been cut nearly in half.

Again, one of the most significant aspects of the Nets that scares futures bettors is the team’s historical inability to win in the playoffs. This is a team that has advanced to the Eastern Conference Final just twice in its existence. However, as mentioned earlier: If the Nets ever had a shot a postseason glory, this year is as good as any. Let’s check out the odds to win the Eastern Conference.

Boston Celtics+275
Milwaukee Bucks+300
Brooklyn Nets+333
Philadelphia 76ers+600
Miami Heat+800
Cleveland Cavaliers+1400
Toronto Raptors+1800
Atlanta Hawks+2200
Chicago Bulls+2200
N.Y. Knicks+7500
Charlotte Hornets+9000
Washington Wizards+12500
Detroit Pistons+25000
Orlando Magic+25000
Indian Pacers+35000

Odds to Win the Atlantic Division: +200

With Boston and Philadelphia in the mix of legitimate contenders, the battler for the Atlantic should be quite entertaining. Again, bookmakers are favoring the Celtics at +135 while the Sixers are set at +300. The Nets fall in the middle of those two contenders at +200. So, can Brooklyn find a way to gain six or seven wins on the Celtics this year while keeping a step ahead of Philly? It’s not out of the question. It’s just that at +200, there isn’t a whole lot of value there. Here are the odds to win the Atlantic Division this season.

Boston Celtics+135
Brooklyn Nets+200
Philadelphia 76ers+300
Toronto Raptors+1000
New York Knicks+6000

Brooklyn Nets Season Wins Total: 50.5

The bookmakers expect a few teams to win at least 50 games this season. A lofty goal to say the least. These teams include the Celtics, Warriors, Clippers, Bucks, Sixers, Suns, and our protagonists, the Brooklyn Nets. 

Considering how the Nets franchise has won 50+ games in a season just once, this is a tough win total to bite on. Not only will they need to dominate the also-rans, but they will have to steal their share of wins from their main competitors. A tall order indeed. Let’s look at the win totals for the league’s top contenders.

Boston Celtics53.5
Milwaukee Bucks52.5
L.A. Clippers52.5
Phoenix Suns52.5
Golden State Warriors51.5
Brooklyn Nets50.5
Philadelphia 76ers50.5
Denver Nuggets49.5
Memphis Grizzlies48.5
Miami Heat48.5
YearRecordMade Playoffs?
2020-2148-24Lost Second Round
2019-2035-37Lost First Round
2018-1942-40Lost First Round
2014-1538-44Lost First Round
2013-1444-38Lost Second Round
2012-1349-33Lost First Round
2006-0741-41Lost Second Round
2005-0649-33Lost Second Round
2004-0542-40Lost First Round
2003-0447-35Lost Second Round
2002-0349-33Lost NBA Finals
2001-0252-30Lost NBA Finals