Best NY Sportsbooks & New York Sports Betting Apps

For those who are looking into getting involved with mobile and desktop sports betting in New York State or New York City, NY, it can be tough to figure out what the right app is for you. Between sign up bonuses, features, odds, and user experience, every sports betting app offers something different to consumers. If you find the sports betting app scene confusing or complicated, you’re not alone. We’re here to make it easier than ever to figure out which sports betting app in NY is right for you with a list of the most popular apps and the pros and cons of each.

Best Online Sports Betting Apps in New York 2022

  1. DraftKings Sportsbook – Best over sports betting site
  2. BetMGM – Great Mobile App
  3. PointsBet – Best bonuses, promotions and player rewards
  4. FanDuel – Best live betting and prop market
  5. Caesars Sportsbook – Good odds, daily lions boosts
  6. BetRivers NY – Great Bet Variety
  7. WynnBet – Good New Customer Promotions
  8. BallyBet – The New Player On The Block

1. DraftKings NY Sportsbook

DraftKings is one of the biggest online sportsbooks in New York, and also one of the oldest. Even if you’ve never bet on sports before, DraftKings makes it easy to get started. You can get game lines for everything from basketball, to soccer, to golf, to boxing and so much more. It’s also easy to follow live games and get stats updated in real-time. Every pick you make is displayed on the right-hand side of the screen, so you can easily keep track of where your money is going.

There are both pros and cons to using DraftKings. On the plus side, the DraftKings app is extremely easy to navigate and use. If you enjoy fantasy sports as much as betting on real ones, you’ll love that DraftKings gives you the opportunity to do both. However, on the negative side, the sportsbook’s customer service is not known for excellence. You may also find that the odds boost bet limits are lower than in other sportsbooks. 


  • The strong app design and easy user experience make it a great choice for bettors of all experience levels.
  • With great design features, this app allows users to find what they want easily and efficiently.
  • This app offers solid pricing in some markets, especially for golf fans.


  • Some promos and boosts require signing out and logging into the app again to apply for them. Also, the sign up bonus is worse than most other apps on the market, which can make it harder to get your initial bet back.
  • Compared to some other apps, the strike out props on this one could be improved significantly.
  • On this app, tedious parlay building requires users to add each leg individually with more correlation baked in than other apps, which drives up the price.

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2. BetMGM NY

BetMGM is one of New York’s most trustworthy sportsbooks. Under the umbrella of MGM Casinos, this is an app for those who are serious about sports betting. You’ll get opportunities that other sports betting apps can’t offer. Since BetMGM has partnerships with New York sports teams, VIP players can cash in their points for exclusive access to the Rangers and the Knicks. This may be the biggest pro of using BetMGM over any other sportsbook out there. 

Even if you don’t take advantage of that opportunity, you’ll still get more than you bargained for out of BetMGM. Since it’s backed by land-based casinos, you can take advantage of the same rewards program for players at land-based casinos. This means you’ll be able to access VIP experiences in New York, New Jersey, and even Las Vegas. 

Getting started with this sportsbook is easy because you have so many betting choices available to you. At a quick glance, you can see every single sport you can bet on, listed in alphabetical order. You can even save your favorite teams and leagues for easy access every time you log into the app. 


  • You can stream sports live on the BetMGM NY website and the apps related to it.
  • Wide variety of sports for bettors to choose from and a decent number of different venues for betting
  • The casino and poker sections are also accessible to users, which improves the fun and functionality of the app for gamblers.


  • If you want to withdraw your money, you will have to wait a minimum of two full banking days to receive the funds.
  • Limited promotions for sports bettors compared to other apps
  • Customer support lacks phone accessibility

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3. PointsBet NY

PointsBet carries a lot of weight in the NY sportsbook market because it’s an official partner of NBC Sports. You have certain freedoms with PointsBet that you don’t have with other sportsbooks. They make it easy to place safe bets on your favorite teams. Anytime you make a pointsbetting wager, it shows your max loss and win. Depending on the market you are betting in, you may be able to use a stop loss slider. While this limits how much you can win, it also limits how much you can lose.

But like any other sportsbook, PointsBet has its pros and cons. The biggest pro may be that if you can’t find a bet you want to place, you can request to place your own uniquely named bet. However, the sportsbook sets the price for each unique sports bet you ask to make.


  • With the unique “points betting” system, this app lets users profit or lose by large margins, which can make it more fun and exciting to use than other apps that don’t have this kind of feature.
  • PointsBet NY is moving towards competitive pricing strategies to benefit users and elbow out the competition in this area. While they are not there yet, the company has made promises to users that they are planning on improving their pricing strategies to help users make the most of the app.
  • For new users, this app offers strong signup bonuses that can make it less risky to try for new users depending on when they sign up.


  • Sometimes, this app does not show relevant markets in the region.
  • Some users find it difficult to navigate this app
  • Users need to manually begin a parlay on this app, which can make it inconvenient and time-consuming.

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4. FanDuel NY

FanDuel Sportsbook is also one of the top online betting sites. Before you even get started, if you are new to online sports betting, FanDuel offers tips on how to develop an effective strategy.  You can even watch a tutorial that tells you everything you need to know about betting at FanDuel. In addition, there are written instructions on understanding odds and bet types. It even breaks them down so you can learn the nuances between betting on sports like football, basketball, and hockey.

The pros and cons of FanDuel can help you decide if it’s the right sportsbook for you. `One of the biggest pros is that it has an easily searchable database of betting markets all over the world. Another is that the odds boosts are updated every day, so you’ll always have the latest information at your fingertips. Your game parlay options remain the same for most of the professional sports you can bet on. On the other hand, the biggest con of using FanDuel is that it doesn’t offer the VIP Rewards System that so many other sportsbooks do.


  • As one of the most popular leading sportsbook apps on the market, it’s no surprise that Fanduel Sportsbook NY invests in high-quality customer service. Their excellent customer service department makes users feel like they can trust this app. If they run into a problem using the app or face issues getting their bonuses or withdrawals into their account, the customer service support can mean the difference between deleting the app and continuing to use it.
  • Fanduel Sportsbook NY’s other main positive side is its high compatibility with mobile devices. When you’re jumping from a large screen PC to smaller mobile screen, you will not notice a difference in the quality or usability of the app. This makes it great for users who like to bet on their desktop and their mobile device.
  • This app also has a strong interface that is designed for easy access and intuitive usage. This is especially important for bettors who are just starting out on the sports betting scene. It’s also great that it’s easy for older users or those with less technological experience to enjoy it without a hitch.


  • Unfortunately, this app does not support bitcoin or other cryptocurrency options for payouts or deposits.
  • It also features fewer all-year-round bonus offerings than other apps.
  • What’s more, the geolocation feature can be tricky for bettors near state lines. If the app cannot properly confirm your location, it can impact what bets you can make and whether you can receive your withdrawal. Still, a quick call to their stellar customer service department may be able to help you get this issue squared away, so you can keep betting through the app.

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5. Caesars NY Sportsbook

You know you can trust Caesars NY Sportsbook for its excellent reputation. It’s easy to watch and bet on all your favorite sports in real time. In addition to American sports like baseball, basketball, and boxing, you can also bet on sports like cricket, rugby, and snooker. You can even bet on certain college basketball games too.

The pros and cons of Caesars NY sportsbook should also be a factor in your decision. One pro is that you get numerous betting options, even on the sports that aren’t typically highlighted by sportsbooks. Another is that you have more time to bet on games, as Caesars gives you earlier access than the other sportsbooks you’ll find online.


  • Better facial recognition identification to sign in than most sportsbooks on the market so far
  • Desktop and mobile options make it easy for users to seamlessly go between their computer and mobile device to make bets.
  • Similar pricing and offerings to other apps on the market. The sign-up bonus blows others out of the water with up to a $1250 risk-free bet guarantee that users can earn back if they win their first bets. Caesar’s also gives interesting bets and boosts that can be rewarding.


  • The name of the website ( does not match the mobile brand name, so users may have a hard time finding the desktop version of this app and accessing it to place bets.
  • Since the offerings of this app are similar to other contenders, it might be better to choose a more popular app for betting since those may have better odds or features than this one.
  • This app does have one main drawback: it fails to provide a decent number of live betting options. For those who thrive on the live betting aspect of sports bets, this can be a bummer and a deterrent to getting this app and using it.

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6. BetRivers NY

BetRivers may not be as high profile as New York’s other sportsbooks, but it’s still one of the city’s top places to wager on your favorite teams. Some of the features you’ll probably like the most include different parlays on different days and boosted odds that make your betting experience more exciting.

There are also pros and cons to placing your wagers with BetRivers. On the positive side, this sportsbook often has better odds and always has odds boosters that other sportsbooks don’t. At the same time, you won’t be able to get access to players’ stats before making your bets, unless you look those stats up on your own.


  • Great for casual fans and beginners who just want to dip their toes into the sports betting scene in New York.
  • Easy interface that makes it simple for users to make bets and find the games they want to bet on. Perfect for those who are new to sports betting or new to mobile sports betting with a simple design and intuitive interface.
  • Robust bonuses incentivize using the app. An odds booster also helps users to keep using the app and enjoy the process.


  • The toggle bar requires users to slide to see all of the sports. This can be tedious and annoying to try to navigate depending on where your preferred sport is located on the menu.
  • Bettors might not like the “Newsfeed” feature since it can interfere with the enjoyment and excitement of the app. Also, it can be clunky and take up data or internet speed for loading that would be better used for betting and other related activities on the app.
  • The arrangement of sports on the toggle bar does not fit the seasons that sports fans follow. It can be tougher to find the sports that are currently popular based on the way that this bar is arranged.

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#7 WynnBet NY

If you’re a Jets fan, you’ll probably want to sign up with the WynnBet NY sportsbook, as they are exclusive partners with the team. When you become a VIP at WynnBet, you even get access to the MetLife Stadium Greenroom, where you can watch Jets games in privacy and luxury.

You can follow national and international sports on WynnBet, giving you a large number of betting options to choose from.This includes the ability to bet on college sports too. With live game updates available in real time, it’s easy to bet during the games you care about the most.

The pros of using WynnBet sportsbook outweigh the cons as long as you’re not new to sports betting. On the plus side, your odds are great on this site, and the same game parlays are tempting for many people. But, the downside to using WynnBet is that it offers no resources to help you make better bets. 


  • Simple navigation with no frills and no fuss in their layout
  • Fair limits, low margins, and amazing pricing compared to other apps. They compete with all of the other apps and tend to save users hundreds or even thousands of dollars in certain areas. The pricing alone tends to be their main marketing angle. While they are simpler than other apps, they make betting less expensive for users.
  • This is a distraction-free, easy-to-use betting app that keeps its main purpose at the forefront of the app’s design. They don’t clutter it with newsfeeds, bets that users find uninteresting or unimportant, or other data that users don’t need. They seem to understand their audience and tailor the app to the needs of their users rather than trying to market to every single kind of bettor out there.


  • Desktop version of this app can have a lot of bugs, glitches, and problems.
  • This app has different apps for every single state, which means that those who tend to travel a lot for sports or other purposes will find themselves downloading a new app every time they spend time in another state.
  • Lack of new customer bonuses. They have a high new customer bonus that requires users to bet at least $50 before receiving the free bet promotions. This can be a painful point for users who have less stake in the game and are less serious than expert bettors.

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#8 BallyBet NY

Bally Bet is an online sportsbook backed by Bally’s Casino, with locations in Atlantic City, and Las Vegas. It offers opportunities to bet on college and professional sports, including football, basketball, soccer, tennis, hockey, and boxing. You can bet on the Canadian Football Leagues and Aussie Rules Football too. And since its only open to NY gamblers, you can bet on any of the city’s major league teams and even select college sports. 

It’s important to know the pros and cons of using Bally Bet as your sportsbook. The biggest pro of using it is that in this sportsbook you’ll find mispriced lines among the in-house odds. This is something you won’t find with many other sportsbooks. The biggest con of using Bally Bet NY Sportsbook is that they offer fewer markets to bet on than their competitors. 


  • Better odds than some competitive apps, especially for underdog teams and players
  • Occasionally, it offers signup bonuses that equal risk-free betting, which can be especially helpful for those just starting out in the sports betting scene.
  • They also sometimes offer a $25 bonus if you lay a parlay where only one leg out of four or more legs is lost.


  • Users have to wait between two to five banking days to cash out and make withdrawals after betting. This wait time can be excessively long and annoying. Compared to other apps, it is longer than many of them and equally long compared to others.
  • The app’s layout is not intuitive or user-friendly. This can cause frustration for seasoned and amateur bettors alike.
  • The app has a limited selection of sports for bettors to choose from. Many bettors who use the app would like to see a wider range of sports before they consider this app a contender over some of the more popular, older apps on the market.

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What To Look For When Signing Up At A NY Sports Betting Site

Sports betting has gained in popularity even during the pandemic. Yet, it still is a challenging game, especially if you don’t know the ins and outs. Knowing the kind of sports beating resources available to you will in no doubt influence your ability to succeed as a sports gambler. However, Considering the many sports betting apps that exist today, it can be challenging to discern which is the best option for you.

This is why we have compiled the following factors to help you understand what to consider when choosing a sports betting app that will give you an excellent gambling experience. Read on!

Online NY Sportsbook Security

Placing the right bet involves a lot of thinking and some emotional pressure. Therefore, you shouldn’t have to worry about the security of your personal information. In this case, you’ll need to guarantee the safety of your funds and personal information. 

Take the time to research and find an app that can safeguard you from the dangers presented by hackers. In addition, download software from bookies with a proven track record of securing their systems. Encryption and password protection should be a language you understand.

Consider the Law

As you may know, gambling is a regulated niche, with nearly 80 percent of states either legalizing or introducing legislation. These regulations are put in place to ensure sports wagering enthusiasts play responsibly.

The laws also protect users from manipulation by betting companies.

Choose a betting app that provides you with information on compliance with the betting laws of your state. All in all, avoid illegal betting apps as they may cause you trouble.

Deposit Bonuses

Everyone likes an endorsement, especially on their first betting endeavor. Knowing this, betting companies offer bonus deposits after signup and initial deposit.

The bonus may come through matching your deposit amount or offering you free bets.

Either way, this is a great way to get you started.

User Experience

User experience is an essential factor in the success of any mobile app. Therefore, the ease of navigation through the app will always influence the reputation of the sports betting app.

Take time to read through reviews from other users to understand the user experience offered. 

An app that goes bust when there is a major sporting event is a no-go zone.

Consider the Odds at the NY Sportsbook

If you’re interested in gambling, odds are the most significant factor to consider. You need a New York betting app that offers you the most value for your money. 

Remember, the odds decide your reward. As long as you use a good NY sports betting app, you won’t have to spend time browsing around for the best odds. Also, have a look at the software that can provide you with statistics.

Live Betting capabilities

To be considered a good and reliable NY sports betting app, the app must allow you to place live bets. Unless the app will enable you to do so, it’s not worth the time and effort.

On the other hand, it’s usually beneficial and enjoyable to bet on a game, even if it’s in progress. Moreover, the best odds are also available in live betting, meaning you can win more money. So why not go for it?


No matter your sharpened skills at predicting matches, finding an app that offers excellent odds with live betting capabilities, prioritizes security, has excellent user experience, and operates within the law will increase your chances of success. Good luck with that bet!

Sports Betting Promotions When Signing Up

Sports betting is a popular pastime worldwide. Betting enthusiasts enjoy the thrill of placing bets and waiting for the win or loss.

You can take advantage of different types of bonuses when signing up for a new sportsbook account. Therefore, it’s essential to understand what each type offers and how it might affect your betting choices. 

This blog post looks at the various types of NY sportsbook bonuses available so you can choose what works for you.

Types of Bonuses to Consider

Below is an overview of some common sportsbook bonuses you may come across in your betting expeditions.:

No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus requires that you don’t have to put up any money to take advantage of the offer. It allows players who are new to betting online to try out an account at a particular bookmaker without risking their funds.

You will receive it on the first deposit you make and can be from 50% up to 100% of your initial investment. However, you have to follow specific requirements for it to payout. Failure to meet them may make you lose it to the betting company.

Deposit Match Bonus

A deposit match bonus is one of the common types of sportsbook bonuses given to new players. The offer requires you to make a small initial deposit to qualify, and they will provide you with an additional percentage on top of that as your welcome gift.

The offer is perfect if you’re looking for something that can jumpstart your betting bankroll while also giving you a chance to bet with larger stakes. In addition, you can start small and build up your account balance over time.

Of course, not all deposit match bonuses are equal, as they will range anywhere from 100% up to 500%. If the percentage of your matched deposit is higher, you will need to bet with higher stakes and at competitive odds.

Risk-Free First Bet Bonus

A risk-free first bet is another type of welcome offer that you can get with some bookmakers. It is specific in the requirements, so it’s important to read over all the details before signing up for an account. With the offer, if you lose your bet, they will refund your initial wager amount.

The bonus aims to entice newcomers who are afraid that they might lose money betting for the first time. However, it’s important to remember that you will need to meet specific requirements for your bet to be eligible. They can include:

  • High odds. 
  • A large wager amount per game.

Sign Up (Deposit) Bonuses

When you’re first starting out betting online, finding a bookmaker willing to match your deposit can be challenging. They are taking the risk of giving away money without any guarantee that you’ll stick around for long.

That is why most sportsbooks offer sign-up (deposit) bonuses that are available after your first deposit. These bonuses work by matching a certain percentage of the amount you’ve deposited. A sign-up bonus is offered once per individual.

Free Bet Bonuses

A free bet bonus works by giving you a set amount of funds to use on betting markets but with some terms and conditions attached for when and how you can use them. It is mainly seen with promotions given out around major events such as the football World Cup.

Since these offers are always tied to specific events, there might be restrictions on what games you can bet on. The bonus is great because it’s free money that gives you the chance to try out new markets without putting any funds at risk.

Reload Bonuses

When a person makes their initial deposit and receives their bonus, that’s the money they’ll need for a long time. However, some bookmakers will also offer to reload bonuses after your first bet is over to encourage you to keep betting with them.

They will work by matching a certain percentage of your next deposit and may have the same restrictions as their initial offer. So it’s essential to read all the details before signing up for an account.

Cash Bonuses

Cash bonuses are one of the valuable types of sportsbook offers that you can get. They don’t have any requirements attached to them. 

All it takes for you to receive your bonus funds is to make a deposit and wagering on certain markets at their bookmaker. These deals also tend to be larger, with most paying out anywhere from 50-100% of your deposit amount.

Wrap Up

These sportsbook bonuses are perfect when joining a new betting site since they give newcomers some extra funds to bet with. However, you must read the terms of service. Some will have limitations based on your country of residence or other factors like rollover requirements or minimum odds. happy betting.